The “feel good” Factor

Post date: Feb 15, 2014 8:17:17 AM

16 February 2014 ( Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Sirach 15:15-20] [1 Corinthians 2:6-10] [Matthew 5:17-37]

We live in the age of relativism where people are attempting to blur the line between right and wrong. Without "right" and "wrong" everything is relative. Anything that is uncomfortable or inconvenient is "rationalised" and explained away. We all could be trapped in this feeling good culture - as long as something looks good and feels good, it is good! Today's readings tell us that this is not the case - not by God's standard anyway. “Morality like mathematics means drawing a line someplace,” says Oscar Wilde. God's yardstick is different from man's yardstick. We tend to argue from our selfish point of view. And when we argue our point of view long enough and hard enough, it becomes "truth" for us. But God's judgment is based on Truth with a capital "T" and on justice. Looking at the life of Jesus, we see that the way of love is not always convenient or pleasurable. In fact it often involves pain and sacrifice. Jesus took his love to the limit when he died on the cross for the salvation of mankind.