The Good Shepherd

Post date: Apr 20, 2018 4:10:05 PM

22 April 2018 ( 4th Sunday of Easter )

[ Acts 4: 8 - 12] [1 John 3:1 - 2] [John 10: 11 - 18]

With the power bestowed by the Risen Christ, Peter healed a lame man which astounded the community. Having known the man to be lame, it was a remarkable sight for them to see him walking, jumping and praising God. Boldly and eloquently, Peter took the opportunity to witness to the crowd gathered about who Jesus really was and that He was the only One who could save us from eternal damnation. Will we ever be able to witness to the people around us in such a manner? What a stark contrast indeed from the same person who earlier denied Jesus 3 times and abandoned Him at the hour of need! In today’s Gospel, we are reminded of the divinity of the Risen Christ. On his free will and in loving unity with the Father, Jesus the Son of God became one of us and as the Good Shepherd laid down his life in atonement of our sins. Having risen from the dead, Jesus provides the leadership, guidance and graces to His servants and followers to spread the Good News and live a life worthy of His Kingdom.