The Importance of Being Faithful ... to God

Post date: Nov 17, 2017 3:51:54 PM

In today’s readings, we see the importance of being faithful to God and his expectation of us - in our roles, commitments, responsibilities and duties. Being faithful have serious implications when we remember that at the end of our time, we will have to render an account of our lives to a Holy God. In Proverbs, the Capable Wife is notably praised for honouring God, over her capability, works, beauty and charm. Her disposition towards God made her trustworthy. In the 2 nd reading, we’re reminded to be faithful and vigilant always, for the coming of the Lord will happen unexpectedly. In today’s gospel, the servants each received different amounts of monies. The first two servants were faithful & responsible. They promptly traded and multiplied the monies originally given to them. Both were rewarded by their Master, for being faithful rather than being successful. However, the 3 rd servant hid the money and gave some excuses for not doing anything with it. He was denounced as being wicked and lazy. His unfaithful service led to his condemnation, removal of stewardship and an eternity of misery, away from God’s presence.