True Love

Post date: Sep 8, 2017 2:51:21 PM

10 September 2017 ( 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Ezekiel 33:7-9] [Romans 13:8-10] [Matthew 18:15-20]

How do we tell our best friend that what he is doing is blatantly against what we truly believe is wrong? Would we risk loosing this valued friendship? The first reading strongly tells us to warn a brother living a sin, of the wrong he is doing, as we would ultimately be responsible for his sinful death. That we cannot live oblivious to the plight of others, concerned only for our own salvation. So how could we begin to help our brother? The second reading states that one commandment overrides all else “Love thy neighbour as you would yourself”. Then the Gospel explains how we could approach our brother of the wrong he has done. We need to speak with reverence and kindness, bring in sincere witnesses, not to shame him more, but to allow him to see all angles so as to make wiser choices. We need to use all the skills, compassion and love that God has given us and all other resources possible to help him. Above all we do it not out of anger or condemnation but out of love for him and his salvation.