Come, Prince Of Peace

Post date: Dec 3, 2016 2:00:01 PM

4 December 2016 ( Second Sunday of Advent )

[Isaiah 11:1-10] [Romans 15:4-9] [Matthew 3:1-12]


The prophet Isaiah opens today’s liturgy with peace and restoration through the shoot that springs forth from the stock of Jesse on whom the spirit of the Lord would rest upon. The fascinating image of animal enemies living together in peace is a powerful presage of the reign of God. Isaiah warns us that the Messiah will judge us by his righteousness and with peace he will rule the earth. In the second reading from the letter to the Romans, St Paul exhorts the community to put aside their differences and called for peace, mutual acceptance and harmony through the hope of Scripture and Jesus the Prince of peace who treated everyone with compassion. From the gospel reading today, John the Baptist eggs us towards repentance, conversion and transformation in our lives to prepare our hearts to welcome the prince of peace- Jesus, the Messiah .John’s message is simple: we cannot ask the Prince of Peace to come when our hearts are full of roadblocks, in order to get rid of them we must make a way for him only then can we say: “come, prince of peace.”