We Cannot Be Deaf To His Call

Post date: Jul 14, 2017 4:27:52 PM

16 July 2017 ( Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[[Isaiah 55:10-11] [Romans 8:18-23] [Matthew 13:1-23]

God pours His word upon us like a rainstorm and drenches us with His word. The prophet Isaiah in the first reading says that the Word is what we need to do His work and it is the Word that draws us back to Him as the people embraced Him. The Word is both incarnate and living as such we want to do God’s will because we long to be a part of his plan with every fiber of our bodies. In the second reading from the Letter to the Romans, we groan within ourselves with the desire to have God in our lives, and with the desire to make God real in the lives of others. Sometimes we refuse to make God’s Word the guide of our lives. We cannot allow the busyness of our lives to shut out His voice and choke His presence, we need to be good soil cultivating His presence and serving Him at all times. We cannot allow the other concerns around us choke off his Presence within us. We cannot allow ourselves to become deaf to His Call for us today.