Working For God’s Honour And Glory

Post date: Oct 7, 2017 1:12:32 AM

8 October 2017 ( 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Isaiah 5:1-7] [Philippians 4:6-9] [Matthew 21:33-43]

In the first reading from the prophet Isaiah, we see God under the image of the wine grower who had done everything He had to make his vineyard fertile and productive in order for His Chosen People to bear fruit. All He asked in return was their cooperation. Despite Israel having other plans God was patient with them; again and again He pardoned their infidelities. He sent prophets to turn them back to Him, but they maltreated these messengers of God and refused to heed their warnings. Today’s gospel is a parallel to the first reading heard today. It provokes the question: “Are we producing the grapes and the wine that our divine Master expects of us? “ If our answer is "yes, I am living a true Christian life, I am working for God's honour and glory and for my own eternal salvation," then our response should be one of “prayer and thanksgiving,” trusting as Paul’s letter to the Philippians says, “that the peace of God which is so much greater than we can understand will guard your hearts and thoughts, in Christ Jesus.