Working For God’s Kingdom

Post date: Jun 30, 2017 4:03:14 PM

2 July 2017 ( Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[2 Kings 4:8-11,14-16] [Romans 6:3-4.8-11] [Matthew 10:37-42]

The work of the Kingdom is one that doesn’t allow the weight of human attachment to frustrate the reign of God. It is one that dies to sin and pride allowing God’s will to be at the helm of our lives. God’s work requires us to be present to others and give of ourselves to one another just as Elisha in the first Reading today was present to the woman in Shunem whose house he frequented for fellowship, he was never too busy with his own affairs to be fully present to her. In giving of ourselves to God’s work we emulate the words of St Paul in today’s second reading “through baptism we were buried with Christ in order to share His death”. St Matthew presents to us how those who take up the work of God would end up finding their lives. The only reason for the work of the Kingdom is Jesus himself. To follow Jesus in doing God’s work is to sign a death warrant and the only reason for persevering in this work is Him.