Worship God in living His values

Post date: Sep 16, 2016 2:05:27 PM

18 September 2016 ( 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Amos 8:4-7] [1 Timothy 2:1-8] [Luke 16:1-13]

In the first reading, the prophet Amos spoke courageously of the exploitation of the poor by the rich and greedy people of his time

whose worship of God was only but an empty ritual.

They could not wait for the holy days to be over in order to get back to making profits by cheating others.

The second reading reminds us of worshipping God with holy hands.

For our prayers to be right and acceptable in the sight of God, they should include everyone, whether rich or poor,

as it is God’s desire for all to be saved. In the gospel’s parable, the dishonest manager was praised for his shrewdness.

He managed the theft so cleverly that others committed the actual forgery. Attention was brought to his astuteness in dealing with his own kind.

On the other hand, the children of light did not give as much attention and cleverness in their services to God’s work.

Day to day fidelity and total dedication to the God whom we worship are necessary.

Let us thus worship God every day in living His values faithfully.