The Spirit That Renews Creation

19th May 2024 ( Pentecost Sunday )

[ Acts 2:1-11 , Galatians 5:16-25 , John 15:26-27 16:12-15 ] 

The Holy Spirit is both the wind and breath of God. The image of breath and breathing convey God’s goodness, gentleness, and peacefulness. The Holy Spirit is the Advocate who serves as the counselor to the disciples. He is sent to strengthen the disciples, instruct them in the truth, and defend them against the assault of the Evil One whose sole goal is to cause division along with accusations that do not come from God. The breath of life that the Holy Spirit brings is no longer the old biological life that we know; it is always at work changing disorder to order, confusion to harmony, and old to new—not mechanically guiding everything in its progress but rather, to its fulfillment renewing the face of the earth. The Holy Spirit constantly renews God’s creation. To invoke the Holy Spirit is to let God have full authority and control. He wants to make us into whatever He wills to fulfill our mission with Him without infringing on our freedom rooted in Him. With this in mind, we pray: “ Come, Holy Spirit ! ” 


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