The name RISEN CHRIST expresses in a better way the unique character of the Easter event. We believe in a Risen Christ. We believe that He is alive and that we have a relationship with God through Him. Our Church stands as a permanent witness to such a faith.


Physical and Spiritual Intimacy with God

23 June 2019 ( The Feast The Body & Blood of Christ )

[ Genesis 14:18-20 ] [ Luke 9:11-17 ] [ 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 ]

In this week’s Gospel passage, we see Jesus ministering to the crowds, talking to them about heaven and healing the sick among them. And when they were hungry and it was getting late, Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fish available to feed them. What he was doing was nourishing them in their body, mind, and spirit. Later, Jesus would die on the cross, and offer his own Body and Blood for the salvation of mankind. The Body and Blood of Christ is the singular thing that could cover for the sins of humanity, the way our good works and sacrifices cannot. By partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ, we enjoin ourselves to Christ and nourish ourselves for our mission of evangelisation which we undertook when we professed Jesus Christ. For Jesus, there was no gift more precious and more intimate he could give than his own Body and Blood. Therefore, whenever we receive Holy Communion, we should raise our awareness to the awesome fact that we are in physical and spiritual union with the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and creator of the Universe.


Annual Priests Retreat 2019 ( 1-5 July )

1 July to 5 July

Evening Mass will be celebrated by a priest

2 July to 5 July

There will be Communion Service in the morning by the Eucharistic Ministers during the Priests' Retreat


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