The Trinity: An Eternal Communion of Love

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity ( 4 June 2023  )

[ Exodus 34: 4-6.8-9 , 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13 , John 3:16-18 ]

The passage just read follows the dialogue of Jesus with Nicodemus about what it means to be born of water and the spirit. To be born of these is to be reborn in the waters of Baptism which roots us in the family of God and in the communion of love centered on the Holy Trinity; it also denotes the need to be born again in terms of conversion as rendered from the Greek. By virtue of our Baptism we are called to participate in the divine life of the Holy Trinity through the Church and in the way we live by entering into  the mystery of God's inmost life within the Blessed Trinity and  the works by which God reveals himself and communicates his life. In the context of today’s solemnity, the Gospel calls to mind the mission and gift of salvation not condemnation or judgment present in this eternal communion of  love in the One God in Three Persons. It is towards this goal that we must strive towards in our pilgrimage on earth. 


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