Couples and Family Ministry


The Couples and Family Ministry was formed in 2019.

Vision and Mission


Every married couple to live flourishing, sacramental marriages, and every family to be a vibrant domestic church.


To help couples to live life-long flourishing marriages, and help families to live their family life, according to Church teachings, so that Christian marriage and family life may be a witness to Christ who is the author of love and life.


Christian marriage is a sacrament and every Christian family is a domestic church. The Couples and Family Ministry seeks to provide support for couples to live flourishing sacramental marriages.

Ministry couples journey as mentors with early married couples using the Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) programme for marriage enrichment. The CMJ programme may also be used to help engaged couples with marriage preparation with the assent of the parish priest.  Ministry couples also support the formation of couple communities.

Ministry couples also help to connect parishioners to available marriage and family related programmes conducted within the parish (Natural Family Planning and Infant Baptism), and programmes outside the parish (e.g. Choice, Catholic Engaged Encounter, Marriage Preparation Course, Couple Empowerment Programme (CEP), Marriage Encounter (ME), Beginning Experience, Rachel’s Vineyard).

The ministry also seeks to support families by organising talks related to the family — including on relationships, marriage, parenting, childhood development, Theology of the Body, etc.



Michael Chong & Sylvia Yeo