Filipino Community


CRC-FilCom is a group of Filipinos based in Singapore. Although the church is situated in Toa Payoh, its members come from nearby and various parts of Singapore. Members are mostly migrant workers from all walks of life, or spouses of locals.

The community was established after Fr. Angel Luciano introduced the Simbang Gabi last December 2009 in the parish. The Tagalog Mass was initiated with the blessing and support of the Church of the Risen Christ Parish Community - headed by Father John Sim. This is upon realizing a big number of Filipino parishioners residing in the area after a well received Simbang Gabi held in the said church. Right after that was the First Tagalog Mass celebrated on the 4th Sunday of January 2010. Fr. Kamil Kamus was the celebrant of our first Simbang Gabi in Risen Christ Church.


The community aims to provide sense of “home” and belongingness to Filipino migrant workers. Allowing them to cope up from homesickness and from being a stranger in a different land. It provides a venue to grow spiritually and to share their God-given talents. The ministry aims to bring together Filipinos to create a God-fearing and vibrant community.

CRC-FilCom main activities are :

  • Monthly 4th Sunday Tagalog Mass
  • Annual Simbang Gabi

Part of its objectives, is for the community to blend in and actively participate in the activities of the parish in reaching its goals and the values it wishes to attain. We take part, help out and support in the Parish Activities such as running the Canteen, Lay Apostolate Sunday, Holy Week activities, etc.

It also assists in other Filipino Communities’ activities – particularly during special occasions where it requires support and assistance. Over the years, we have actively participated in Cultural Presentations – not only within our fellow Filipino Communities but as well as in local occasions – such as School Fairs and Community Gathering which showcase Racial Harmony. We have also participated in the locals’ Outreach activities particularly during holidays. This is our way of nurturing and sharing our God given talents to glorify our creator.

Who can join

Filipinos of all ages.


Regular Meeting – Once a month

Choir’s Practice – Every Sunday 1pm-5pm, St Joseph


October 2014 - Participated in ACMI’s celebration of Migrant’s Day

July/August2013 - First Filipino Community to be featured in PINOYSTAR (Filipino Magazine in Singapore)

December 2013 - Staged a big production repeating Christmas Pageant for Simbang Gabi at Risen Christ

December 2012 - Staged a big production for Christmas Pageant at Risen Christ

June 2011 - Participated in Philippine Independence Day – June 2011

2014 - Present - Start of Bible Sharing for members and non-members of Filcom

2012 - Present - Launching Mother’s Day Flower Fundraising that funds the group’s activities

2011 - Present - Runs the Canteen on a regular basis

2010 - Present - Participates in Block Rosary Rally held every year

- Hosts Penafrancia Festivities

- Participates in Parish Annual Feast Day and Apostolate Sunday


Representative contact: Helen Palec

Tel: 8740 4489