Risen Christ Media Team

Brief History

The Risen Christ Media Team was founded in 2005 after the Parish Pastoral Committee found that it was necessary to have a Ministry dedicated to handling the parish’s channels of communication.

Initially called the Publicity Ministry, it took over the responsibility of preparing the bulletin from the Parish Secretary. It also registered the domain name, created and updated the parish website at www.risenchrist.org.sg

The Risen Christ Media Team covers parish events and provides photography services for events such as First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The Media Team has also made progress in establishing a social media presence on Facebook, producing videos for their YouTube channel and interviewing participants of RCIA to document their faith journey.

Since 2008, the Media team has covered many parish events. Parishioners can find many of these stories told in words, photographs and videos at the respective websites, maintained by the team.

http://www.risenchrist.org.sg - Our parish site. Besides disseminating the weekly bulletin, the website has a photo gallery that covers 10 years of parish life, with thousands of photos.

http://www.facebook.com/risenchrist.sg - Our parish facebook page launched in June 2017 has already garnered over 1,000 likes within the year.

https://www.youtube.com/c/churchoftherisenchrist - Our YouTube channel which included coverage of the Rosary Procession, Parish Feast Day, Fr Loiseau’s Funeral, etc

Vision and Mission

Disseminate news & information to contribute to the spiritual formation and cohesiveness of the Parish Community.

Who can join

Catholics (or soon-to-be baptized as Catholics) with relevant skills in any of the following: writing, editing, translation (English to Mandarin), graphics &/or web design, photography, video editing, internet marketing.

Roles in the Ministry


  • To take photos of parish events on ad hoc basis as required (weekend or weekday).

  • Edit the pictures if needed.

  • Upload pictures to the website of the Church of the Risen Christ

  • Once the date and time is fixed for the session, must be ready.

  • Be on site 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. The reason is that you have to be prepared and ready when the guests walk in.

Bulletin Writer

  • Checks bulletin inbox during week of duty.

  • Edits and inserts announcements into inner pages ( page 2 and page 3) of the bulletin

  • Inserts Gospel reflection and Mandarin section into outer bulletin template.

  • Designs (if necessary) graphic for Gospel reflection.

Bulletin IC

  • Vets bulletin every week during month on duty.

  • Ensures that the secretariat, web team and next person/team on duty receives the weekend's bulletin

Reflection Writer

  • To be a good reflection writer you need two things - a love for Sacred Scripture and strong writing skills. A reflection writer shares his/her inspirations of the Word of God with fellow parishioners through writing the reflections for the readings for Sunday Mass in the parish bulletin.

  • Usually writers are asked to write the reflections for the whole month and could be writing for two or three months in the calendar year. The actual writing of four or five reflection pieces takes only about three hours.

  • However writers are usually given two to three weeks to soak in the word before writing them.

Archive Member

  • Assist in maintaining a systematic and accurate record of archive items.

  • Provide archive items to Ministries/Priests where necessary and keep track of loan period.

  • Maintain a clean and presentable archive storage facility. Help out at least once a month.

Web / Mobile Developer

  • Development of the church website and other web applications as required by the church and its ministries.

  • Enhancements of the existing website and web applications used by the church.

  • Maintenance of the church website (i.e. directory updates, bulletin, security patches), and other web applications.

  • Administration of the website, e-mails and other web accounts.

  • Technical Support for the church and its ministries computer related concerns (i.e hardware, software).

  • Will be rostered to do on a monthly basis example once every 2 months. But might be called to do ad hoc events.

Event Writer

  • Attend parish events and write about them for the church website or other media, on an ad hoc basis.

  • Fluency in English is required.


Every 1st Thursday of the month, 7.30pm. We pray the Rosary together, followed by Bible/Faith sharing at the start of every meeting.


President: Henry Wong

Email: rcmt@risenchrist.org.sg