Catechetical Ministry


Catechesis is not just about sacramental preparation for Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation; it is part of an initiation into the entire Christian life, which culminates with initiation for community and mission. (General Directory for Catechesis #67)

Role of Ministry

The role of the catechist then is as a ‘steward of the mystery’ (1 Cor 4:1), facilitating the catechumen’s

encounter with Jesus and His Church as there is “only one Teacher, the Christ.” (Mt 23:10). The catechist’s

goal always is to set hearts aflame for Christ.

Who can join

Are you:

• A disciple of Christ who is willing to be trained in the craft of catechesis?

• Desiring to learn more about the Catholic faith and to grow deeper in your faith & spirituality?

• Interested in evangelising children and young people?

• Teachable, patient, caring, prayerful, and respectful of others?

Effective catechesis involves a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and a growing knowledge of His Church’s teachings. The goal is to nurture a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body, the Church, so that the person in turn may bear effective witness to Christ in this life and share eternal happiness in heaven in the next.

Bridging Catechesis

If you have a child from Primary 3 to Secondary 1 (9-13 years old) and who:

• Is baptised but never had formal catechesis and wishes to start,

• Comes from overseas with no formal catechesis,

• Is unbaptised and wishes to be baptised and will join catechesis thereafter

Bridging Coordinator: Michael Koh



Overall Coordinator: Nora Fernandez

Lower Primary Coordinator: Cynthia Lim

Upper Primary Coordinator: Maria Tan

Confirmation Levels Coordinator: Esther Chia