Infant Baptism

The community of Church of the Risen Christ welcomes and extends its support to your child and family in living a life that reflects Jesus to the world.

The responsibility for the child to know and follow Jesus and learn more about the faith is first and foremost borne by the parent. It is also shared, supported and nurtured by the Godparents and the Catholic community.

Below are some guidelines on choosing a Godparent and procedures for having your child baptized at Church of the Risen Christ.


Parents may choose up to 2 official Godparents. The qualifications for a Godparent (as per Canons 872-874) are as follows:-

  • That he/she be, ordinarily, not less than 16 years of age.
  • That he/she be Catholic, confirmed already have received first Eucharist and lead a life of faith in harmony with the duty he/she is undertaking.
  • That he/she not be one of the parent of the person being baptized.
  • That he/she is not under a canonical penalty.

Parents would do well to select carefully suitable Godparents for their child. Godparents should be persons who will be a good example to your child of what it means to follow Jesus. They should fully understand and accept the responsibility that they are undertaking.

When pastoral circumstances warrant it, one of these Godparents may be a baptized non-Catholic Christian who is admitted only as a witness of the Baptism. His or her name will not be entered into the baptism certificate, nor will it be entered into the baptism register.

Guidelines for Infant Baptism


  • Infant Baptism is usually held at 4.00 pm in church, on the first Sunday of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and November)
  • Parents and Godparents are required to attend a preparatory class before the baptism. The infant will not be baptized unless parents and Godparents attend this session. Preparatory classes are held 2 weeks before baptism day; on Thursday night, 8pm in St Michael's room (Level 2). Preparatory classes are compulsory for Parents and Godparents of the soon-to-be baptized baby
  • Parents can download and complete the Infant Baptism Registration Form from the [Resources] tab and submit it to the Parish Secretary. Please submit the Form at least 2 weeks prior to the desired baptism day