Couples intending to get married at Church of the Risen Christ are required to book the Church at least 6 months prior to their wedding.

Please note that they will also need to finalize all their wedding arrangements/give any contributions to the Church SIX (6) months prior to their wedding.

No Wedding celebrations are held during the Lenten period (Mid May to Mid April).

You may wish to visit our Matrimony Guide before coming to the Parish Office to submit the required documents. Our Parish Secretary will then advise you on all the other relevant issues with regard to your wedding celebrations and provide other necessary admin forms.

Matrimony Guide


  • Arrangements for wedding must be made at least six months before the date of the Marriage.
  • Couples who are seriously contemplating marriage must attend either: Engaged Encounter (EE) or Marriage Preparation Course (MPC). Either course should be attended preferably before the engagement is formally announced.
  • Please fix an interview date with the Priest. The priest will go through and complete the Pre-Nuptial Inquiry Form with the couple (this is normally done at least one month prior to the wedding).

The couple (or the Baptized Catholic partner) must give a copy of the following documents:-

  • Birth certificates and NRICs/Passports of both parties
  • Baptismal Certificates from church(es) of baptism, issued within the past six(6) months
  • Full names, NRIC/Passport number(s) and contact/telephone number(s) of two (2) witnesses
  • Original Notice of Marriage (from Registry of Marriages) or Certificate of Marriage (if previously registered at ROM)
  • Certificate of completion of Engaged Encounter Weekend or Marriage Preparation Course

In addition, copies of the following documents are required, if applicable

  • Certificate(s) of any other previous marriage(s)
  • Certificate(s) of any previous divorce(s)
  • Certificate(s) of death of previous spouse(s)
  • Medical statement of present condition of pregnancy. For solemnization in Church, the R.O.M Certificate collected just before the wedding must be submitted to the Parish Secretary for recording into the Marriage Register.

Musical Accompaniment and Rehearsals

Below is a list of choirs serving in Church of the Risen Christ. Depending on your preferences, you may wish to contact and arrange with either of them to sing at your wedding. The amount of contribution payable for their services is to be decided between the respective choir representative and yourself.

Please click on any choir below to visit their group profiles and obtain contact information of representative:-

You also have the option to make your private arrangements by engaging the services of an organist or engage any other suitable musician(s) for your wedding.

Please liaise with the Parish Secretary in the event you and your musician(s) need to rehearse in church.

Booking of Parish Hall for Wedding Reception

Please liaise with the Parish Secretary in booking the Parish Hall. You will be advised of the applicable rates for using the Hall.

Photography and Video Recording

You may make arrangements to secure photography and video recording services to cover your wedding event. Please ensure to advise your services providers to maintain proper conduct and respect in church. Your photographers and video recording crew may not enter the Sanctuary and Altar Area.

If you wish to continue photo-taking in the church premises after the wedding, please ensure that your bridal car is cleared from the church entrance to facilitate the arrival of the next bridal party, or parishioners arriving for the next scheduled mass by car.

Wedding Mass Booklet

Drafts of the Wedding Mass Booklet for your use are available in the [Resources] tab. Please vet and modify accordingly in consultation with the presiding priest.