Board of Wardens

Brief History

In June 1969, there was an urgent need for a group of persons to form the Warden Ministry.  Initially, the Warden Ministry started with twelve members and gradually grew to seventeen. At that time of the formation of the Ministry, the main objective is to be of service to the congregation during Mass.

In July 1971, the Church of the Risen Christ was officially opened. In 1996 the Warden Ministry membership grew to 44 members as we celebrated the Church Silver Jubilee. In 2007, ladies were invited to join the Ministry. In 2009, the Wardens Ministry started to recruit parishioners of different nationality. The first batch of foreigner wardens were the Filipinos. Now we have wardens who are of Indonesian, Indian and Vietnamese nationalities.

Role of Ministry

The main role/responsibilities of the Wardens are:

Who can join

Baptised Catholics who are willing to serve time in Church  (1 to 2 hrs per week)


The Members meet once a month to discuss issues encounters and ways of improving the warden’s service to the parishioners. Duties for the members are scheduled on a monthly basis, with members performing duties at various Mass times.


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