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50 🆈🅴🅰🆁🆂 The Priests of the Parish wish all parishioners a Blessed Golden Jubilee!


Hope for the Hopeless

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time ( 24 October 2021 )

[ Jeremiah 31:7-9 , Psalms 126:1-6 , Mark 10:46-52 ]

It’s quite alright for us to lack something, knowing that by working a bit harder we will soon be able to afford to buy it. And it’s alright for us to suffer some sickness when we have the medicine to cure us, or if we know that the sickness will naturally run its course in a week. But it’s terrible to be in a state of hopelessness – to know that we can work our bones for the rest of our lives but we’ll never be able to pull ourselves out of poverty. Or that our sickness is incurable. God provides us with a lifeline when He said in Jeremiah 31:9: “With weeping they shall come, and with consolations I will lead them back, I will make them walk by brooks of water, in a straight path in which they shall not stumble; for I am a father to Israel …” And in the Gospel passage, Jesus displays his willingness to reach out to people, like the blind man Bartimaeus, to lift them out of their hopeless situations. All we need to do is to put our faith in Jesus.




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