God Brings Serenity Into The Storms Of Life

23rd June 2024 ( Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[ Job 38:1, 8-11 , 2 Corinthians 5:14-17 , Mark 4:35-41 ] 

The sea is a symbol of the powers of chaos and evil in the ancient Near East that struggle against God. In the midst of the storm, Jesus did something that would cause controversy amongst many sailors: He slept in the storm that was raging while His disciples were trying to keep the boat afloat. His sleeping in the storm exemplified the perfect trust in God that is often signified by a peaceful and untroubled rest. Storms were common along the Sea of Galilee. By calming the storm, Jesus shows that in the end, God always triumphs over every evil present in our lives. Mark narrates this story not only to show Jesus’ manifestation of His divine authority but also to reflect on the experience of the early church that was in the midst of the storms of persecution and trouble, tossed about by the waves of the Early Roman Empire. In such stormy seas, let us remember that God will bring serenity into our storms of life, for with Him, life never dies.


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