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Personal responsibility

26th Sunday of the Year ( 27 September 2020 )

[ Ezekiel 18:25-28 , Philippians 2:1-11 , Matthew 21:28-32 ]

So sad to know that human nature has not changed over thousands of years, that we tend to blame others for our plight, rather than admit that we are in the state we are in, due to the choices we’d made (or didn’t make). Knowing the right answer to Jesus’ question means nothing if we do not act upon it. The doing is more important than the saying. Action speaks louder than words. So which one are we? Do we tend to sound helpful, kind and generous? Or do we actually say nothing, but go about doing good quietly anticipating the needs of others? Do we also take time to think about what we’ve said or done, and then admit our mistake whenever necessary and reverse our earlier decision so that we can proceed to do the right thing? Do you sense Jesus’ despair at the chief priests’ and the elders’ stubbornness? Let us not cause Him the same pain, but start taking responsibility for all that we do and say, amend our ways we’ve made mistakes.




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