Preparing To See Him Face-to-Face

First Sunday of Advent ( 27 November 2022 )

[ Isaiah 2:1-5 , Romans 13:11-14 , Matthew 24:37-44 ]

Advent is a time of hope and eager expectation for Jesus’ final, glorious coming as Lord of History and universal Judge as well as His first coming as man. As such, there is a need to be vigilant and prepared for our time to see Him face to face eventually. How should we prepare? We must adopt the attitude of vigilance like Noah who made diligent preparations in obedience to God, he was not careless and complacent with the things of God like the rest of his people who went about their daily grind not knowing that God was about to pour out His judgment on His people in the form of a flood. Being vigilant also means that we must open ourselves towards living by the signpost of faith trying our best to live and do what is right by God in an often meaningless world and in the midst of the power of evil that surrounds us. Let us then keep on keeping on knowing that our preparation towards seeing Him again would be worth it


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