Hearts Made Pure

3rd March 2024 ( Third Sunday of Lent Year B )

[ Exodus 20:1-17 , 1 Cor 1:22-25 , John 2:13-25 ]

The temple of which Jesus spoke of was not made by human hands- it is the church made of believers. The temple in Jerusalem was a foreshadowing of the true temple, which is the Body of Christ, the Church. Each time we enter the Church for Mass, we are called to humble admission that the real work of God is on one’s soul to which we respond to in faith and love.  This calls for a disposition of receptivity and an openness to the Lord’s work. The Mass also calls for a spirit of adoration and a quieting of the soul. The cleansing of the Temple also symbolizes our purification of heart. We are called to strive for purity of heart, which means being mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions, and ensuring that they are aligned with the values of the Gospel and with God’s will. May the temple of our hearts then always be made pure for the service of God and for others.


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